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In Defense of 2: Lost

Here we go again! The first thing I wrote about on this blog is the same thing that brings me back. The internet hates something again. Uh oh! Not Smallville this time, now it's Lost. The sad thing about the show is that from the very start I knew most people would hate the finale of Lost. There was just no way the show could ever satisfy people no matter how it ended. People had built up an ignorant level of love for this show and had inflated their expectations so high that there was just no way the writers could ever come out unscathed.

Personally I thought the episode was amazing. The directing, the writing and the acting were all top notch. I felt it was one of the best episodes of this show's 6 seasons and one of the best endings to a series of all time. And that comes from somebody who wasn't obsessed with the show like others were. I loudly and angrily complained about Lost and bashed it for much of it's run. The first season was great up until the last episode which was terrible. From then on the show had some good episodes mixed in with a LOT of bad episodes as the writers seemed to be throwing darts to decide what to do next. Out of 6 seasons there's probably about 3 seasons worth of good episodes. To me, this was a show that should've been on cable where the seasons would've been shorter. If this thing was only on for 10 episodes a year it would've been a lot better. Instead they had to drag about 20 episodes of story over 100. The show ended up dragging and dragging, moving at a snail's pace, going for weeks with nothing of interest happening.  It really was a crushing bore at times that was hard to stick with. The show didn't get back on track until they decided on an end date and the writers were forced to buckle down and get it finished.

At the end of the day I think the final episode, and the final season as a whole, saved the series and made all that middle part worth sitting through and even made some of it better. As far as the writers claiming they always knew how the show would end? I believe them, but everything in the middle was by the seat of their pants. (ed. note - In an interview with SciFiWire two days after this was written Cuse admitted as much.) In the world of television you just can't really set a detailed plan and follow it. Things happen that throw plans out the window. Mister Eko was supposed to be on the show for several seasons, suddenly he decides he wants off the show, there go all those plans. Desmond, Ben and Richard were all brought in and expected to be on the show for 2 or 3 episodes. Instead the actors were so good and the characters were so strong that they ended up lasting several seasons right up until the finale and playing major pivotal roles in everything that happened the past few seasons. Without Ben, Richard and Desmond, this show would be radically different. There are too many variables in television to expect a show to be able to make a 6 year plan and actually do it.

But I'm not here to attempt to change any body's mind about the episode itself. You either liked the episode or you didn't. I could care less about that. What kills me is that so many people aren't judging the episode on whether it was good or not, they're judging it by how many questions were answered. They're pissed because nobody explained meaningless things to them such as who was dropping food supplies 5 years ago. To the vast majority of these questions I respond with...who cares? Most of these questions have nothing at all to do with the plot of the show. Everything that mattered to the story and was important to the plot was answered. Yet people are unhappy because they don't know why the smoke monster made machine noises. What difference does it make to anything?  How does knowing every single detail help anything?

At the end of the day if all those little nitpicky mysteries were the only reason you watched the show, then you watched for the wrong reasons. This show was about the characters, not the all the goofy MacGuffins. The show was about a group of broken people trying to fix themselves and seek redemption. The title of the show wasn't about where these people were physically, it was about where they were spiritually. It was their souls that were lost. The show was never "about" the mysterious island. The mysterious island was the setting, nothing more than a backdrop to tell the real story.

A few days ago a video hit the internet that tried to ask all the remaining unanswered questions. It became a big hit and a rallying cry to all the people who hated the ending. Here it is...

The first time I watched it my response to all the questions was still......whoooooo cares? None of this makes a difference. My second response was...really? You people are using a video made by College Humor to make your point? The video kept spreading and spreading which lead to me watching it again and realizing I could most likely answer nearly every one of the questions. If you paid attention to the show and you have the ability to reason and think logically, a lot of these questions can easily be answered. So that's what I'm going to do.  I'm going to try to answer as many questions from that video as I can.

1. Why did the monster kill the pilot? Well, why not? He killed a lot of people. Does there have to be a reason for a monster to kill somebody? Monsters kill people, that is what makes them monsters.  If I had to come with an answer I'd say at this point we know The Others had lots of ways to get off the island and travel around. Maybe he killed the pilot to lessen their chances of somehow finding a way to leave. He needed the candidates to stay on the island so he could hopefully kill them off.

2. What did Locke see when he first saw the monster? He saw the monster! Why is it not enough that he saw a friggin monster made of friggin smoke?

3. What's with the polar bear in Walt's comic? I have two answers. 1 - Couldn't this just be an Easter Egg? Does everything have to mean something? Can't it just be a funny little joke by the creators to have a comic book with a polar bear in it on the island? 2 - Walt had supernatural powers. The theory at the time was that he made the polar bear appear with those abilities. The problem is that all this happened in the early days when JJ Abrams was running the show. Once he left midway through the first season and Lindelof/Cuse took over, the show made a few changes. This is one of the things that was dropped. Plus Walt wouldn't stop growing and had to be taken off the show. This is a plot thread that was changed and the polar bear was explained a different way.

4. What happened to Christian's body? Smokey hid it so he could impersonate him and talk to Jack.

5. Why did the Psychic insist Claire had to be on Oceanic 815 and she had to raise her baby herself? Let's clear up the order of this to begin with. The first time she visited him he told her to raise the baby herself. Later on he changed his story and told her to take Oceanic 815 so an L.A. couple could adopt the baby. The thing is, the psychic later admitted to Eko that he was a fraud and had no psychic powers. You could assume that telling her to raise the baby was nothing more than a lying psychic trying to tell somebody what they wanted to hear. He also admitted that the couple in L.A. paid him $16,000 to get Claire on the plane.

6. Why did The Others want Walt? Like was mentioned before, Walt was shown to be "special" and have several supernatural abilities. Plus we know babies couldn't be born on the island. The Others kidnapped children to add to their group because they couldn't have kids of their own. If they could get one that also had super powers...well...all the better.  They were hopful that Walt's abilities would some day make him their new leader.

7. Who sent Kate the letter? Tom, Kate's childhood sweetheart. This was blatantly explained.

8. How does Walt know about the hatch and tell them not to open it? Because he was psychic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many times does this super powered kid have to be explained?

9. Why does the Smoke Monster make mechanical sounds? Because it sounded cool? Who gives a crap.  It had to sound like something.

10. How does Walt appear before Shannon? Whoever made this video is obsessed with Walt. Walt had powers. He had them before he even got on the island. This was all pointed out. Even in flashbacks it was shown he could appear in places he shouldn't. He had powers. Maybe if he didn't grow to 8 feet and ruin everything all of this would've been explained in detail later but they didn't get to, boo hoo.

11. How did Walt communicate with Michael using the Swan computer? He didn't. It was The Others talking to Michael in an effort to trick him.

12. What is the deal with Kate and the horse? Nothing. Her seeing the horse was nothing more than a way to trigger Kate's flashbacks. When she was captured by the FBI a horse was standing in the middle of the street, the FBI car swerved and crashed allowing Kate to escape. Seeing a horse on the island led to the flashback of that happening. At first it was played like this was some sort of mystical vision but then it was showed that the others could see the horse too, not just Kate. So isn't it logical to assume that this is just another animal brought to the island for testing just like the polar bears or sharks or rabbits?

13. Why are supplies still being dropped on the island? The Others have been pretending to be the Dharma people for decades. If the Hanso Foundation still believes their people are there and operations are going on they would continue to bring them supplies.

14. What triggered the lockdown and why were their black lights? The lockdown was triggered by the food supply drop. A note on the blast door said so. Maybe they wanted to keep people inside while giant boxes of food were being dropped so nobody got knocked on the noggin? As far as the black lights....those were there so you could see the "invisible" map on the wall. The map was created by Desmond and his partner. Perhaps they put the black lights in to allow them to create said map?

15. What happened to Henry Gale? Seriously? Henry Gale died of a broken neck, Ben buried him and took his identity. Gale arrived on the island via hot air balloon. He either broke his neck in the crash or Ben killed him.

16. What happened to the original timeline Libby? Her husband died, she went nuts for a little while and got put into a mental hospital. When she improved, she got out of the mental hospital. TA DA! That was a hard one!

17. Who built the four toed statue? The island travels through time and space. All kinds of people have ended up there over thousands of years. At some point in time the island was inhabited by Egyptians, they built the statue, the temple and the room that houses the big fancy wheel. The statue depicted the Egyptian goddess Taweret.  There are literally dozens of connections between Lost and Egyptian mythology.  The Egyptian connection has really been majorly over looked.

18. Why does only one specific bearing get you off the island? Because the island is hidden from the rest of the world by having some sort of mystical, magical dome around it. There is only one window that allows people to travel in and out of the dome, the bearing leads them to the window.

19. Why are there hieroglyphs on the countdown timer? Damon Lindelof explained that the Dharma Initiative included the hieroglyphs as an homage to the historical occupants of the island.

20. Why did Tom wear a fake beard? Because The Others were still trying to make the Oceanic survivors believe that they were a bunch of jungle living castaways instead of letting them know the truth about how sophisticated they really were.  You know, such as having an entire town with book clubs and jungle gyms.

21. Who was Libby's husband? Who cares? What does this change? But if you need to know her husband was named Dave and she had been married three times with two annulments.

22. Why were their skeletons in the polar bear's cave? BECAUSE IT ATE PEOPLE! They were wearing Dharma jumpsuits so obviously we know where they came from.

23. Where did the toy truck come from? The Dharma people had a whole town filled with families. Like one of the kids wouldn't have a toy truck??

24. How did Locke and Eko escape the hatch explosion? They didn't. They both suffered injuries.

25. Why couldn't Locke talk after the hatch exploded? Because he got hurt in the blast!

26. Why did Eko said "you're next" when he died? He didn't you non-paying attention jerk off. He said "I saw the devil". Afterwards Sayid asks Locke what Eko said and Locke replied "he said we're next". But he didn't, because we could hear what he said. The question here should be why did Locke lie.

27 and 28. Why did Yemi's body disappear and why did the monster kill Eko the second time meeting him? Because the asshole who played him wanted off the show. Exactly like Christian, Smokey took Yemi's body so he could impersonate him and try to manipulate Eko. Remember that he can't kill the candidates himself, but he CAN manipulate others into doing it. He tried to use Yemi to corrupt Eko, after Eko proved un-corruptible, he wasn't needed anymore.

29. Why did Danny say Jack's name wasn't on Jacob's list? Danny was taking orders from Ben. Ben was lying to everybody and pretending to take orders from Jacob when in fact he had never met Jacob up until the scene where he killed him got it....never talking to him.

30. Why can't women have babies on the island? Up until the 70s people were being born on the island just fine. What happened in the 70s that could change that? There was the attack by The Others on the Dharma people with a lot of poisonous gas, there was a nuclear explosion and there was a giant explosion of electromagnetism. Why can't women have babies? Take your pick.

31. What was the Russian letter in Mikhail's type writer? Who cares? A Russian guy typed a letter in Russian. Oooooooh! The leading theory is that Mikhail had been writing a novel while being alone in the station for so long.

32. Why is the supply drop menu hidden behind a game of computer chess? Well, maybe because they wanted it hidden so anybody and everybody couldn't access it? Why did Batman have to use a bust of William Shakespeare to enter the Batcave? Why does every haunted house have a hidden tunnel behind a book case?

33. What was Juliet's weird mark about? Juliet had killed one of The Others and was going to be executed. Ben decided to let her live but brand her in Scarlet Letter fashion. This mark would let everybody know she was a traitor and murderer. Also it was an 8 pointed star or wheel. The wheel that moves the island also has 8 points. In Buddhism an 8 point wheel is called a Wheel of Dharma. Get it? DHARMA?? To "turn the wheel of dharma" means to reveal the universal truths necessary to the path of enlightenment. It also symbolizes rebirth and renewal. It was a way of punishing her for going against their group but also a way of welcoming her back in anew.

34. What’s the deal with Jack's tattoos? Most of them are not Jack's tattoos. They are Matthew Fox's tattoos. They're real, not storyline. They incorporated one into one of Jack's flashbacks where they showed how he got them in Thailand but what it all comes down to is that they're just tattoos.

35. How did the monk know Eloise? You finally stumped me.

36. Why did Ben see his dead mother? Why does Dexter see his dead father?

37. Who ordered and planned The Purge? Ben did. He claimed responsibility at one point when he told Jack that he made a decision to kill 40 people in one day. This was also touched on later when Charlotte and Faraday arrived on the island and had to neutralize the gas to make sure Ben wouldn't use it again. Yes, it's true that at one point Ben also claimed he was under orders that day, but as we learned before, Ben was always lying about taking orders from Jacob.

38. What happened to Annie? Children were evacuated off the island in 1977. She was a children then. Put 2 and 2 together.

39. Why did Desmond have a false vision of Claire and Aaron getting on the helicopter? Almost none of Desmond's visions came true because they did things to stop them from happening. So this showed that just because he saw vision, things could change. He wasn't seeing the future, he was seeing a possible future. Claire had the chance to get on the helicopter but refused after learning about Charlie's death and warning. Aaron DID get on the helicopter.

40. Why does Mikhail keep coming from back to life? Mikhail's first "death" was when Locke pushed him between the sensor pylons. They believed he was dead and left him there. When he showed back up he explained that he survived because the pylons were not set to a lethal level. His second "death" was when he got shot by a spear gun and once again, believed dead, was left alone. It turned out the shot didn't kill him but seriously wounded him. Since he was dying anyway he went all suicide bomber on Charlie. He didn't come back from that one. So in reality, he NEVER came back to life because he was never killed until he killed himself.

41. Why does Walt tell John he has more work to do? Why does everything have to be literal? John was on the verge of killing himself when all of a sudden he saw a vision of his little black kid friend telling him he still has work to do. Can't this just be a visual representation of what went through his mind? Movies and TV do that all the time. Not everything means something.

42. I couldn't understand the next question but I believe it was who is the guy in the cabin with the beard? I would theorize that it was Jacob. Let's be real, these people had no idea who they would end up casting to play Jacob years later. Showing a flash of some old dude with a beard probably made a lot of sense at the time.

43. Where did Miles get that picture of Ben? Miles and his team were sent to the island to capture Ben by Widmore. Widmore gave them a picture to know what Ben looked like. What a twist!

44. Who is R.G. on Naomi's bracelet? Good grief. Who gives a flying turkey? It's her boyfriend or husband, he gave her a friggin bracelet!!

45. Why was there a difference between the timers? Perhaps you missed the part where the island travels through time?

46. Who is the economist and why did Ben want him dead? The economist was one of the members of Charles Widmore's team who were trying to hunt down the Oceanic Six to get them back on the island along with Widmore himself. Ben was Widmore's arch-rival, he didn't want him to get on the island with the six, he wanted to get HIMSELF back on the island so he manipulated Sayid into killing the members of Widmore's team.

47. Why was Ben surprised they could kill Alex? Because to Ben he had spent his entire life trying to protect the island and in all that time the island had done nothing in return for him. It didn't heal his spinal tumor, Jacob never talked to him and now it didn't protect his daughter when he thought it would.

48. How does Christian appear to Jack off the island? Once again, does everything have to be literal? Dexter talks to his dead father in every single episode but nobody asks how this can happen. It's just a visual way to show the inner dialogue of what is going on inside Jack's head. AND during these times Jack is an alcohol and drug addict. Hello? McFly?

49. How does the Smoke Monster get into Jacob's cabin? He used the door.

50. Why does he tell Locke not to say Claire was in the cabin? Smokey had begun to infect Claire and turn her to his side, he wanted this info secret.

51. Why did Horace tell Locke to meet Jacob in the cabin when it was really the Smoke Monster? Because Horace WAS the Smoke Monster.

52. Why did the Oceanic Six claim Boone, Libby and Charlie survived and what’s the logic in that? Because this allowed them to use details from their actual deaths to make their story sound better. They claimed Boone did of internal injuries from a plane crash, he did. They said Charlie drowned, he did. Using real details made it easier to come with a realistic sounding lie. And by telling people everybody else died it would hopefully keep people from looking for them and possibly finding the island.

53. Why does Miles decide to stay on the island? Miles was on the island as a boy and somehow got his ability to speak to the dead there. He wants to stay and investigate his past.

54. What's the deal with the wheel? It's a device created years ago to control and regulate the power that is inside the island. Sort of an ancient version of the button inside the hatch. Turn the wheel enough and enough power gets released to move the island.

55. Why does Ben insist the Oceanic Six return to the island? Because he wanted to get back on the island himself. He needed them to do it.

56. Why doesn't Desmond travel through time? He did time travel, just differently than everybody else. Desmond was changed by the blast of electromagnetism in the hatch. He gained the ability of 4D time travel. His consciousness time traveled, not his body. He existed in all time at the same time. So you could give the 1992 Desmond a message and the 2004 Desmond would also receive it.  He was the Dr Manhatten of Lost.

57. Who were the men who tried to capture Sayid and Hurley? It was Ben's people. Sayid was turning on him and trying to turn Hurley against him as well. Ben needed them to help him get back to the island so he sent his men to capture them, that's why they were using tranq guns.

58. Who are Gabriel and Jeffery? THE TWO MEN WHO TRIED TO CAPTURE SAYID AND HURLEY! Wow. Idiots.

59. What was Ben's package? It was his box of money, fake IDs, passports and guns we had seen him have before.

60. Who was shooting from the outrigger? The group was traveling through time over and over again. At one point they had arrows shot at them by some sort of jungle living group of savages. Different people were attacking them as they jumped through different points in time on the island.

61. Who sent Sun a gun and the photos of Ben and Jack? This is something else that was blatantly explained in the episode. Widmore sent her the picture and gun because she had gone to him and told him she wanted to kill Ben who she blamed for Jin's "death".

62. Who attacked Sayid in the hospital? There were three men trying to get the Oceanic 6 back on the island.  Ben, Widmore and Jacob.  All three had plenty of muscle to do so.  You pick your favorite answer.

63. Why was the Smoke Monster at the temple? There is a maze of tunnels and chambers underneath the temple. The monster can be inside there, he can't be inside the actual temple.

64. How did the producers of Expose deal with the death of their two lead actors? Who cares?

65. Why do the Oceanic Six have to re-create the original crash to return to the island? Because it's mother fucking magic, bitch. It's all in the air.

66. Why did Jack, Hurley and Kate arrive in the 70s and Sun did not? Sun was not the candidate, Jin was.  When they returned to the island Jack, Hurley and Kate flashed to where the other candidates, Sawyer and Jin, were.  The non-candidates landed in present time.

67. How did Richard bypass the sonar fence? First of all, it was shown that anybody could go through the fence if they wore ear plugs. Also each post had a keypad to deactive the fence.  With Richard in particular, he was immortal and could not kill himself. Every time he tried, nothing happened. So he could likely walk right through the fence and because he was doing it of his own free will, he wouldn't have been killed.

68. How did Ethan go from being Dharma to one of The Others? The same way Ben and dozens of other people did.

69. What's with the hieroglyphics in the temple? The temple was made by the Egyptians! How many times does this need to be explained?

70. Why did Widmore order Ben to kill the French broad? The French science team was actually sent to the island by Widmore himself in an effort to gain more knowledge and control over the island. Once the team failed he wanted the last surviving member dead so The Others wouldn't learn of his dastardly plot.

71. Why does Daniel leave the island in the 70s? He was distraught over the death of Charlotte and wanted off the island. When he got the chance to go to Dharma HQ and continue his research there instead of being on the island, he took it.

72. Why did he tell Jack he didn't belong there? He was wrong. Daniel was a scientist trying to come up with all sorts of theories about what was going on with the island and nearly all of them were completely wrong. Remember his idea that blowing up the atom bomb would be a reset button? Wrong. Again.

73. Why does Richard say he saw everybody in the 1977 Dharma picture die? Because they blew up the atom bomb and vanished, sent back to present time. To anybody in 1977, they wouldn't assume the bomb sent them through time, they would assume they died in the blast.

74. Who broke the circle of ash around the cabin? Likely somebody who was being manipulated by Smokey so he could enter it.

75. Why can Jacob leave the island and Smokey can't? The Man in Black wanted to leave the island his entire life.  When Jacob threw him into the light and promised him a fate worse than death, he got turned into the monster and trapped on the island.  Not being able to leave the island was his fate worse than death.

76. Jacob uses his last breath to say they're coming. Who are they? The Candidates. They were about to set off the bomb and return to present time.

77. What's the deal with the pool that brings people back to life? It's a Lazarus Pit. Don't you read Batman? Seriously, the pool does NOT bring people back to life. It's just another healing function of the island. They didn't put Sayid in the pit because he was dead, he died IN the pool. He wasn't supposed to die and he wasn't supposed to come back, that's why Jacob's people were shocked when it happened. The problem is that the pit had become corrupted by Smokey after Jacob's death and putting Sayid in the pool infected him with Smokey's evil.

78. What is the infection? It is the poisoning of the mind that comes from Smokey's manipulations.

79. How did Claire get infected? She spent 3 years on the island alone with the Smoke Monster.

80. How did Sayid get infected? He got put in the dark pool like I done did said.

81. Why did Sayid have to voluntarily take a pill to kill himself when he could just be turned back so easily by a few words from Desmond? I believe the pill was more a test of Jack's abilities at being the new protector than it was about Sayid. And nobody ever said infected people couldn't be turned back. Smokey's holds on both Sayid and Claire were clearly broken by their friends.

82. Why is Smokey/MIB/Locke surprised Sawyer can see young Jacob? Because earlier in the exact same episode he saw the boy with Richard but Richard couldn't see him. This likely lead to Locke believing that it was a vision only he was seeing. Therefore it was shocking when somebody else DID see him.

83. What’s the magic lighthouse about? It's how Jacob keeps track of his candidates.

83. How did Dogan keep Smokey out of the lighthouse? He didn't, he kept him out of the temple.

84. What happened to Cindy and the kids? They're likely still on the island and went on with fun and adventures with Ben and Hurley.

85. Why didn't Sun tell Jin to go to take care of their daughter? Jin made it clear that he wasn't going to leave her so she knew it was a waste of time. She was rich from the Oceanic settlement, that dumb kid will be just fine without them with all that money.

86. Where did Jacob and Smokey's mother come from? A ship wreck. All those people that Man in Black lived with were from the same ship wreck.

87. How did their other mother get there? A SHIP WRECK!!! The same way pretty much EVERYBODY got there.

87. Who finished the wheel? This is one of the funniest questions because the answer seems pretty obvious. Who started building the wheel? Man in Black. Well, who has lived on the island for thousands of years since then? Man in Black. Sure, Man in Black was killed before he got to finish it the first go around, but then he was resurrected as the Smoke Monster and has spent thousands of years trying to escape the island. When he was alive he felt this wheel was the way off the island and he was right. The only problem is that after he finished it he found out it would no longer work on him because he had become trapped on the island after becoming the monster.

88. What is the nature of the light? A MacGuffin is "a plot element that catches the viewers' attention or drives the plot of a work of fiction". The defining aspect of a MacGuffin is that the major players in the story are willing to do and sacrifice almost anything to obtain it, regardless of what the MacGuffin actually is. In fact, the specific nature of the MacGuffin may be ambiguous, undefined, generic, left open to interpretation or otherwise completely unimportant to the plot. The Maltese Falcon. The briefcase in Pulp Fiction. The Dark Tower.

89. Magic wine? There was no magic wine. Drinking something was part of the ceremony for one protector to pass on the responsibility to a new one. Jacob was giving wine by his mother but Jack and Hurley both got water. It had nothing to do with the wine.

90. Why did Zoe want an electromagnetic map of the island? They were trying to find the heart of the island, the source, the light. Since that was the source of the electromagnetism, a map would've shown them where the electromagnetism was stronger, thus leading them to the heart of the island, the source, the light.

91. How did Widmore's electromagnetic thingie send Desmond to the afterlife and back? It didn't, he just saw it in one of his visions. He didn't "go" there.  He's been seeing visions and traveling through time for YEARS now, suddenly its wait a minute how did this happen?? And have you ever been zapped by a giant electromagnetic thingie? How do you know this wouldn't happen?

92. Wasn't Nadia Sayid's soulmate? Obviously not. He may have loved her at one point, and married her after escaping the island, but Shannon was obviously his true love. Even in the flash-sideways that weren't even real, Sayid made a world where he couldn't be with Nadia. He was waiting for Shannon, his real soul mate. And why is this relationship the only one people ask questions about? Kate was in love with Tom her entire life and ended up getting him killed, yet she went to Heaven with Jack. Jack himself had been in love and married before the island. That didn't stop him from going with Kate. Libby had a husband she loved so much that when he died she went insane, yet her soul mate was Hurley.

93. Why wasn't Michael, Walt, Lapidas or Eko in the Church? Michael was way too evil to make it in and had a ways to go before being able to move on just like Ben. They tried to get Eko to be in the scene but he demanded 5 times the amount of money they were willing to pay him. But really, if you look at who was there, that was the main group. For the most part that was the group who had been on the show from episode one to episode whatever the last one was. That was the main group. They were all really and truly connected to one another. The few that weren't there throughout it all, Shannon, Boone, Juliette and Penny all still had VERY strong connections to the others. It was explained that the flash-sideways purgatory thing was a little world they all created for themselves so all these people could find each other before moving on to the afterlife. Well, all the people who had strong connections to each other were there. Why WOULD Michael, Walt, Lapidas or Eko be included? They didn't have the same strong connections to the group that the rest of the characters did.

And that's that. Let me tell ya, I had no idea this video had so many questions. I thought this would take hours, not days.

Now, am I 100% positive that all my answers are absolutely the correct answer? Not at all. I think the vast majority of them are and to me they make sense, others may have other theories that disagree with me, but isn't that what made Lost such a landmark show? Why does anybody want all the answers anyway? It's like being amazed at a magic trick and wondering how they did it, but once you find out how they did it, the magic trick isn't fun anymore.

The thing that set Lost apart from so many other shows is that it challenged it's viewers to be smart, to think for themselves and find the answers on their own. The way the show ended leaves it as a show where you can watch it again and again and again and come up with your own theories about this, that and the other thing. Now that you know how it ended you can go back through and try to fill in the blanks. For years and even decades to come, couch sleuths and internet detectives will continue to debate theories and dissect the show scene by scene looking for clues and the answers to all the riddles. If it had simply answered all the questions, the show would be over. By not answering every little question, the show lives forever.

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